An accurate building condition report can help identify major defects before it happens

Our team can assist committees with maintenance planning to increase the building lifespan through undertaking a building assessment and providing a building condition report.

The report is a visual evaluation of the assets and expected capital expenses that is likely to be required to maintain your property in the short and long-term.

What does our building condition report include?

Enjoy the convenience of having an accurate assessment to proactively identify any major defects and maintenance items, that may need attention or further investigation.

  • Work health and safety issues
  • Identify possible structural issues
  • Review plant and machinery condition
  • General housekeeping requirements
  • Identify items or areas that require maintenance

Reduce operating costs, increase market value and enhance your building’s life-cycle

At R&M FMS, we view buildings as biological structures that can adapt, grow and mature when being proactively managed and cared for. Through highly professional and customised services, we aim to make buildings more efficient, increase their sustainability and introduce the latest generation technology.

What’s more, we keep people, relationships, communication, and pro-activity at our core. Acting as the eyes and ears of your property is a privilege. You can trust us to make your building more compliant to reduce risks.

Typical common property areas:

  • Boundary walls
  • Driveways and paths
  • Gardens and trees
  • Car parks
  • Building facades
  • Common rooms and facilities
  • Drainage grates
  • Plant rooms
  • Lighting

How will our report help you effectively plan your building’s maintenance?

Our report will provide your committee with a list of maintenance and repair requirements, aligned with a priority ranking.

Being able to financially plan for maintenance that will be required in the next 12-24 months allows your financial plan to be just that, a plan.

This allows committees to ensure that maintenance funds are budgeted for, and the owners corporation are notified of anticipated costs of long term maintenance requirements.

Our report group maintenance and repair requirements into these three categories;

  • High priority
  • Moderate priority
  • Low priority