We are a passionate and friendly team that is committed to reducing our impact on the environment around us.

We look for safer, healthier, more environmentally sustainable work practices that are hygienic, effective and still achieve the following environmental benefits:

  • Proactive waste management, encouraging reduction, recycling and reuse
  • Minimise water and other resources
  • Enhanced indoor air quality achieved by reducing dust, mould and chemical particles in the local environment.

Our preferred suppliers must be committed to improving the environment. We regularly liaise with them to learn about new products or ranges that help us reach our commitment to sustainable work practices.

Any exciting new sustainable products or categories are included in our Green Purchasing initiatives.

We aim to reduce energy and water consumption at our offices and work sites. We work closely with clients and suppliers to reduce the amount of rubbish produced. We also ensure the waste is separated and recycled or disposed of quickly and appropriately.

In addition to this, we supply all environmentally sustainable cleaning products and equipment at our client sites.